The Revd Canon Wendy S Robins,
Southwark Diocesan Director of Press & Communications, writes

In a little over five and a half weeks time the group of Pilgrims will set off on pilgrimage to the Holy Land and I will be part of the party, accompanying the Bishop of Southwark, as I am also his Press Officer. During the week-long pilgrimage they will share times of prayer and worship and laughter (and maybe a few tears).   While they are in the Holy Land, we will be posting on this blog photographs, stories and reflections on all that they are seeing and doing.

We hope that the families and parishes of our pilgrims as well as people from all over the Dioceses will want to travel with them as they journey together and learn more about where Jesus lived and the lives of his followers and find their faith deepened by the experience.

We also hope that many of our pilgrims will want to share their thoughts either by writing an entry for this blog or telling me about them or through some short sound recordings.   We will post something about each day and each visit.  Sometimes they will be long, other times short, but it is our hope that by sharing something of our experiences each day those who are back home will feel part of what the pilgrims are experiencing and deepened in their own faith as well.

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