Sue Keeler reflects on three days of the pilgrimage:

Thursday 5 March
Old Jerusalem

Standing among the ruined columns of the Pool of Bethesda, it was easy to imagine the lame man sitting there, waiting for the waters to be stirred. Jesus challenged the man asking if he truly wanted his life to be changed, just as he challenges us today.

Saturday 7 March

Our first sight of the Sea of Galilee was breathtaking! Later some of us braved the water – it was not exactly balmy, though people watching probably thought we were (barmy)!

Sunday 8 March

The Basilica of the Annunciation was magnificent, but most thrilling was the view into the cave where Gabriel told Mary that she would bear the Christ Child.  Heaven came down to earth at that moment and we can she where it happened.

Micahel Rowe wrote this piece, entitled ‘Stations of the Cross’:

‘Stations we call it but horror or agonies of the cross would be sharper descriptions, more real for Him, for two felons, for us, for all that day. The terror before must be worse than present agonies but He obeyed and destroyed sins for you for me for us.’

And this reflection from Ann Gardner:

This photo shows the depth of water is in the Sea of Galilee

This is my first official pilgrimage as a single person – you are not alone because you are surrounded by friends.

It is well organised and there is so much to see.  Why not follow in Jesus’  footsteps and join a pilgrimage?