This is what Jackie Lamaro has written about visiting the Comboni sisters:

As we arrived at Bethany we were greeted by rain.  In many cultures rain is seen as blessing.  Bethany was the place where Jesus was welcomed with open arms by his friends and so I felt the same joy Jesus felt as the Comboni Sisters welcomed us with open arms. 

Having mass in their chapel proved to be an uplifting experience where our amazing voices had brought the sun out for a brief moment.  As Andrew Nunn spoke about the realities of life during the service, I sat there thinking about what the daily realities would have been like in Jesus’ life.  Later we were told by Sister Alicia the harsh daily realities faced by the Palestinian people.  Even though sadness filled my heart as Sister Alicia kept talking, I was still able to see a glimmer of hope in her eyes.  It made me realise Bethany for Jesus had been a place of hope when the stresses of Jerusalem had weighed heavy on his heart.   Viewing the West Bank Wall made me reflect on the barriers some people of Jerusalem often put up against Jesus.

Even though our plans to go to Bethlehem were changed we were still lead to the magnificent place of Bethany. In life when your plans have changed, you can still be led to a place of hope!’