The Revd Patrick Eggleston, Team Rector of Thamesmead Team Ministry, Linda Smith, from St John’s Peckham and The Revd Erica Wooff, Vicar of Stockwell, have all been on every Diocesan Pilgrimage to the Holy Land (2013, 2016 and this one in 2018).

What makes them come back?  Linda says, “Each time the holy places become more alive”.

Patrick echoes that view by saying that, for him, the Holy Land is like a fifth gospel and just as we find new insights from re-reading the four Gospels, we do likewise by re-visiting the sights of the Holy Land. Patrick’s role in all three pilgrimages has been that of a coach leader and he says it is wonderful to have been able to help others experience these same insights and still find time to be a pilgrim himself.

Erica has focused solely on being a pilgrim.  She says, “As a busy parish Priest I do not always have the time to stop and reflect on the significance of Jesus’ life, death and resurrection for my own faith.  Returning on a regular basis to the fifth Gospel feeds my faith, deepens my love for God and renews my parish ministry through the grace of the Holy Spirit.”