In 1219 St Francis travelled to the Holy Land and there met the ruler of the land, Sultan Malek al-Kamil. The result of that meeting was that the Franciscans became the Custodians of the Holy Places so that all Christians could make their pilgrimage to the places associated with Our Lord Jesus Christ.

801 years later a group of Roman Catholic and Anglican pilgrims from the two dioceses of Southwark will travel in the footsteps of St Francis and, like him, tread where Jesus trod. This will be a wonderful and historic opportunity to travel together. During the pilgrimage we will be sharing everything in common, apart from the Eucharist which remains the goal of our ecumenical journey. However, we will be worshipping with each other in our distinct traditions and praying together in some of the most holy places. Sharing in the leadership of the pilgrimage with us will be the two deans of our cathedrals, the Very Revd Andrew Nunn, the Dean of Southwark and Canon Richard Hearn, the Dean of St George’s Cathedral.

+Christopher Chessun
+Paul Hendricks

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