Our Pilgrims have returned!

This was our last full day in the Holy Land and the Pilgrims were looking forward to a busy day seeing some of the important sites in and around Lake Galilee.  This is always a very special day for me as I love the places that we see around the Lakeside, all of which are associated with Jesus’ ministry there. 

Read about the Pilgrims’ last full day in the Holy Land at https://southwarkpilgrimages.com/recent-posts/it-certainly-made-me-think-and-see-things-in-a-fresh-way/

…and read about their final morning, and journey home, at https://southwarkpilgrimages.com/recent-posts/thanks-be-to-god-for-all-that-we-have-seen-and-done/

One thought on “Our Pilgrims have returned!

  1. I have enjoyed reading your reports each day with news of what has been happening to you all during the Pilgrimage. My friend and my son were with you on this trip and I know Chris enjoyed all his experiences during the week. Thank you for all the work you put in to make this time such a memorable experience.


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