‘God is really at work’ and more.

Today on the Southwark Pilgrimages blog:

The Anglicans in our group had hoped to be able to join our brothers and sisters at Christ Church Nazareth for our Eucharist today but it became clear to us last night that this would not be possible.  Instead Bishop Christopher presided at the Eucharist in the meeting room at the hotel.

Read the full post at https://southwarkpilgrimages.com/recent-posts/god-is-really-at-work/

Revd David Adamson reflects on ‘just how much walls can do’ at https://southwarkpilgrimages.com/recent-posts/pilgrims-reflection-3, while Morwenna Orton writes about her personal connection with L’Arche Bethlehem, one of this year’s Bishop of Southwark’s Lent Call Projects, at https://southwarkpilgrimages.com/recent-posts/pilgrims-reflection-4/

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